Banded Racer an Uncommon Snake Found in Chandivali

Slithering Surprise: An uncommon snake, a Banded Racer (धुळी नागीण), was rescued from the Shristi Harmony construction site of Chandivali. The contractor on site called and informed the ‘Tails of Hope Animals Rescue Foundation’s helpline. Jonathan D’souza, a rescuer of the Tails of Hope Foundation, rushed to the spot and identified the snake, and safely rescued it. The snake was released back to its natural habitat.

D’Souza said that it was a Banded Racer snake, which is called नायकुळ or धूळी नागीण in Marathi. It is a non-venomous snake that is rarely found in cities like Mumbai. It looks like a cobra but does not have a hood like a cobra, making it easy to identify. The Banded Racer’s mouth is small and its eyes are slightly bigger, whereas the mouth of the Spectacled Cobra is large and it has a spectacled mark behind it, and it is highly venomous.

If you see any wildlife in danger or in trouble, call the Tails of Hope Foundation helpline on 9769420463 or 88500 74884

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