Police action against hooligans and Lawbreakers in Powai, Chandivali

Powai police taking action against lawbreakers in Hiranandani

Mumbai Police have taken action against more than 1,500 youngsters who have been causing trouble by honking loudly, making silencer noises, driving fast bikes, and traveling triple seats in the Powai and Chandivali areas. The police have also started taking action against youngsters who come to fight and create a ruckus in school and college areas.

There is a large number of youths roaming the streets of Mumbai claiming that they are going from home to school or college. Citizens have been constantly complaining that college students have been causing a ruckus in the Powai and Chandivali areas, particularly in the Hiranandani Gardens area of Powai.

Citizens of Hiranandani, along with the Hiranandani Gardens Resident Association, complained to the police that youths were riding motorcycles at high speed on the roads with loud exhausts, entering one-way roads and causing traffic jams, parking vehicles and motorcycles anywhere in the street, creating a disturbance, making lewd comments at each other and passers-by, and using vulgar language.

Acting on it, the Powai police also increased their patrolling in the area. However, the youths who are sitting quietly watching the police, as soon as the police team moves forward, start making a rumpus. Day after day, even at night, youths have been driving bikes and cars at high speed on the roads, making a loud noise. In view of this, a few days ago, Delta-1, under the jurisdiction of the Deputy Commissioner, with two policemen from each police station on duty, has deployed at Heritage Park.

Since the deployment of Delta-1, youth hooliganism in the area near the heritage garden has been reduced; but, hooliganism continues in other areas. “One way has been made from a road from Blue Bell to the Cypress building on Central Avenue. There are several food shops and hangout spots on this road. As a result, many college students and young men and women who come to work in the office in Hiranandani congregate here and creating an uproar,” said members of the Powai Residents’ Association.

“The same situation prevails in areas near the Galleria, as well as in areas near Powai Vihar and Vijay Vihar,” said another member.

After receiving repeated complaints from citizens, the Powai police have now formed special teams and started taking action in SM Shetty School and the Blue Bell area in Hiranandani Gardens, deploying a patrol team in various areas of Hiranandani Gardens. In addition to Powai, the Sakinaka police have also taken action against rowdy youth in Chandivali.

“We have been receiving continuous complaints from citizens, especially during school leaving and opening times. To address this, we have deployed police teams at gathering places of youth, including near schools and colleges. We are also calling the families of law-breaking youth who make frequent mistakes. Making them aware that action can be taken against the parents for their children’s mistakes.” Powai Police said.

Another senior officer said, “Children are traveling by bus and train when coming from the home. However, in many areas of Powai, and especially in Hiranandani, bikes are being rented through an app. These bikes are parked at various places on the roads. The person only needs to download the company’s app and scan the barcode. Consequently, school students are now roaming the roads with these bikes and this has led to an increase in rowdiness in the area.”

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