Odd-Even Parking Soon on Eden Road, Hiranandani Powai; Strict Action will be Taken Against the Violators

Odd-even parking will soon be implemented from the Blue Bell to the Cypress Building at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. For this, the Powai Traffic Department has obtained all the necessary approvals. The Hiranandani Citizens and Residents Associations had been constantly following up with the administration for this. This rule will be implemented within the next few days, Senior Police Inspector (Sr PI) Uttam Suryavanshi, Powai Traffic Department informed ‘Avartan Powai’.

Hiranandani Gardens has been well-planned since its construction, with wide roads and ample parking. However, customers, shop owners, and some residents who come to shop in the Daffodil, Cypress, and Eden buildings on Central Avenue Road often park their cars double and triple on both sides of the road, resulting in significant traffic congestion.

In view of the traffic congestion in this area, the traffic department has implemented a one-way system, but as peoples are breaking the traffic rules and entering the one-way, as well as double-triple parking, the traffic problem has increased. In this regard, local residents and resident associations have been constantly following up with the traffic department. On December 13, members of the ‘Hiranandani Gardens Powai Resident Association’ met Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rajvardhan Sinha and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic East) Raju Bhujbal to raise traffic issues.

“According to the order received from the Seniors, DCP Traffic, Sr. PI Powai Traffic Department and officials of the relevant department inspected the area and took some measures at a senior level to address the traffic issue,” said the Powai Traffic Department.

A meeting of office bearers from Eden (1,2,3,4), Cypress, Daffodil, Tulip, and Blue Bell buildings was held on Sunday, February 26th to discuss civic issues in the area, including traffic issues. For this meeting, Vikas Arora, Dr. Dayasagar, Malbin Victor, Bali, Sunita, Rita Premalani, Sharma, Dr. Ramesh Iyengar, Krishna Kumar, Advocate Ashok Dubey, Amar Sheth, Girish Bapat, Rajan Khanna, Ghanshyam, and Pramod Chavan were present.

On Monday, February 27, residents of Hiranandani Malbin Victor, Vikas Arora, Dr. Ramesh Iyengar, and Pramod Chavan, along with Sr. PI Suryavanshi inspected the area. On behalf of the residents, they demanded the presence of traffic police in the area; strict enforcement of the one-way rule; marking of parking spaces on Market Road; installation of parking signs; a ban on double parking; implementation of CCTV challan; shifting of the rickshaw stand; action against violators and towing vans plying on this road.

When we observed this parking problem in the area, we noticed that if odd-even parking is done in the market area on Central Avenue Road from Eden 1 to Tulip building, the road will be cleared for traffic and the problem of traffic congestion will definitely be solved. Parking is available on North Bound on even days and on odd dates on South Bound. For this, we have requested at the senior level to approve the notification regarding odd-even parking up to the given spot,” said Sr. PI Uttam Suryavanshi.

He further added, “This notification is in the final stage of approval, and we will implement this rule in the area after taking all necessary measures in the next few days.”

“Also, a no-parking zone will be created near Eden-1 with odd-even parking rules in this area. This will definitely make a difference in the traffic congestion here,” said an official of the Powai Traffic Department.

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3 Responses to Odd-Even Parking Soon on Eden Road, Hiranandani Powai; Strict Action will be Taken Against the Violators

  1. vinod pereira March 8, 2023 at 11:25 am #

    Parking restrictions need to be there at certain times only. Shopping areas need to have more parking spaces

  2. Pratik Vijay Kolte March 7, 2023 at 10:47 am #

    Even before starting odd even parking, i think the Traffic police should fine or penalise the drivers or bike riders who enter this One way street from the No Entry side(Jewel).

    Because the stupid drivers enter from the wrong side and block the whole traffic. Same applies to the residents also that when they exit thier buildings take an effort to follow the rules.

  3. Sonu March 7, 2023 at 8:36 am #

    Very good initiative but constant follow up is required. There has to be a way to make sure the law is followed. The issue is not only of parking but the so called college kids who hang around & cause such chaos . It doesn’t fell like we stay in a premium location but some shady area.
    The other issue is how every other weekend the road is blocked for some function by some grp . I mean I am in shock , I cannot believe this is the same Hiranandani Gardens that I moved in to thinking there will peace, more polished crowd . We pay premium price for our property because we were made to believe that place is a residential haven but it is become a glorified chawl , Sorry to say.
    Such influential people live here but the state of this area is pitiful

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