Vasantha Memorial Trust Organised ‘World Cancer Day Drawing Competition’

Latha Kumar

Every year, on the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4th, the Vasantha Memorial Trust hosts drawing and painting competitions for school children in and around Powai to raise awareness about cancer from a young age.

On Saturday, February 3rd, excited children arrived at the Trust premises in Kailas Complex, dressed in their school uniforms and carrying their drawing kits, eager to showcase their creativity. The competition was divided into three groups: Group I consisted of primary school children from Standards 1 to 4, Group II included students from Standards 5 to 7, and Group III consisted of senior students from Standards 8 and 9.

A total of eleven schools from Powai and Chandivali enrolled for the event, sending nearly 150 children who were filled with ideas and ready to bring them to life on paper. The outcome was truly impressive – a multitude of colorful drawings that not only delighted the eye but also conveyed important messages about the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol.

The judging panel included esteemed art educators Mr. Tulshiram Sutar and Ms. Kavita Patel, who each had 25 years of experience in nurturing young artistic talents and numerous individual achievements to their credit. They carefully evaluated each painting and ultimately selected five outstanding entries in each category, awarding first, second, third, and two consolation prizes.

All participating students were delighted to receive a drawing kit sponsored by the employees of Siemens India Ltd. Additionally, they were provided with snacks and cool drinks by the Trust.

While the children were engrossed in their drawings, the accompanying parents were treated to an informative talk on cancer awareness by the Trust volunteers. There was also a dedicated session for mothers, focusing on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, along with teaching them the importance of self-examination for early detection. As the judges continued their evaluation, the children expressed themselves through the art of singing and dancing, creating a lively atmosphere. Mrs. Jayalakshi Krishnan, the Trustee, gave a brief speech on the significance of a healthy diet and lifestyle in promoting physical and mental well-being as well as overall development.

Overall, the event successfully combined artistic expression and health education, fulfilling the Trust’s commitment to spreading cancer awareness within the local community.

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