PEHS Primary Division students once again shone in the Municipal ‘S’ Ward Inter-School Competitions

Students from the Primary Section of Powai English High School (PEHS) once again showcased their brilliance in the inter-school competitions organized by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation ‘S’ Ward. They participated in various competitions and excelled in different categories.

The inter-school competition featured a range of activities including memory competitions, drawing, storytelling, fancy dress, expressive reading, and object talk competitions.

Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Binu Nair, the Headmistress of the primary section, the students and teachers formed a strong team that nurtured confidence and determination to tackle any challenges that came their way.

In the ‘memory competition’ held on December 8th, Miss Niyati Nirmal Nadar from class 4 secured the second position, while Master Maan Hitesh Phatak from class 3 secured the third position.

The planning and able guidance of Smt. Vidya Yadav, the Beat Officer of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) ‘S’ ward, ensured the successful organization of various competitions such as Painting, Storytelling, Fancy Dress, Expressive Reading, and Object Talk in the ‘S’ ward Inter-School Competition.

The school’s super shining stars, Sneha Choudhary, Shivansh Singh, and Maryam, clinched the first prize in the ‘Inter-School Storytelling Competition’. Additionally, Miss Kavya Yadav, a student of the 4th standard, stood first among 47 schools in the ‘S’ Ward ‘Inter-School Painting Competition’. Miss Sneha Chaudhary from the 1st standard and Miss Rhea Rawate from the 3rd standard secured the third position.

An innovative competition called ‘Object Talk’ was introduced for the first time in the history of the ward to enhance communication skills and cognitive ability. In this competition, Sneha Chaudhary bagged the second prize, while Master Shivansh Sharma from the 3rd standard secured the first prize in the ‘inter-school expressive reading competition’. Miss Anshika Yadav took home the third prize.

Speaking about the success, Binu Nair, the HM of the primary section of the school, said, “Students were trained according to the given criteria. The commitment and support of the entire faculty and staff played a crucial role in helping the students achieve success and perform at their best in the ‘S’ Ward Inter-School Competitions.”

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