Helping Hands for Humanity in Collaboration with JNDCT Hospital Oraganise Eye Check-up Camp

In a remarkable effort to address the growing concerns of eye health in the community, Helping Hands for Humanity (HHH) teamed up with JNDCT Hospital to organise a highly successful Eye Check-up Camp on Sunday, 10th December. The event attracted approximately 200 individuals who took advantage of the comprehensive eye examinations conducted by a dedicated team of 10 medical professionals.

The eye check-up camp, hosted at a local venue, kicked off promptly at 9:30 in the morning and continued until 4:30 in the evening, accommodating the busy schedules of participants.

Leading the charge was HHH President, Anita Singh, whose unwavering commitment to community welfare has been instrumental in the success of numerous health-related projects. Treasurer Suresh Agarwal and Secretary Anamika Sharma played crucial roles in coordinating the event, ensuring its seamless execution.

Celebrated support for the cause came from MLA Dilip Mama Lande, who not only endorsed the initiative but also lauded its significant contribution to public health. His presence at the camp served as a tremendous source of encouragement for both organisers and beneficiaries alike.

In addition to the diligent medical professionals conducting the eye examinations, the event was a collaborative effort involving dedicated volunteers and partners committed to enhancing community well-being. As an additional support, the beneficiaries of the eye test camp will receive personalised spectacles tailored specifically to their needs from HHH.

President Anita Singh expressed deep gratitude to everyone involved, emphasizing the vital importance of such initiatives in promoting preventive healthcare. The resounding success of the Eye Check-up Camp further illustrates the impact of collective efforts in addressing the health needs of the community, leaving a lasting impression on the beneficiaries and fostering a profound sense of solidarity throughout the city.

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