Reshma Chougule: Pioneering Change and Empowerment in Powai and Chandivali

In the vibrant neighborhoods of Powai and Chandivali, Reshma Chougule, a distinguished research scientist and MSc topper in chemistry from Ruia College, stands as an inspiring figure. She is the General Secretary of Chandivali Vidhansabha from BJP and is known for her leadership, compassion, and relentless commitment to community welfare. Reshma has garnered attention from Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, making her one of the fortunate women in the area.

In response to the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reshma took proactive measures to combat the virus and support the community. She organized vaccination drives, personally sanitized societies, and provided food and rations to thousands of people. Additionally, she arranged for the distribution of Remdesivir injections, Arsenic Album tablets, and provided counseling for COVID-positive individuals.

Reshma’s dedication to healthcare is evident through the organization of free medical camps in rural and high-rise building areas. She prioritizes women’s health by distributing sanitary pads and creating awareness about menstrual hygiene.

A pioneer in women’s empowerment, Reshma has formed over 20 bachat gats. These groups not only provide financial literacy but also offer job opportunities for women, fostering economic independence.

Recognizing the importance of education, Reshma played a crucial role in ensuring that more than 1000 girls benefited from the Sukanya Yojana and disseminated information about various government schemes and insurance policies.

In the education sector, Reshma distributed footwear to school children and organized drawing competitions to create awareness about hand hygiene, with a particular focus on the importance of handwashing.

Reshma actively participates in commemorating cultural events. She lights 392 mashals every year on Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, distributes over 2000 Shivaji Maharaj murtis, and on Savarkar Jayanti, she distributes Veer Savarkar statues. She also celebrates Ahilya Devi Holkar Jayanti and other significant occasions, showcasing her commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Known for her accessibility and readiness to help, Reshma has numerous contacts in the women’s community of Powai and Chandivali Vidhansabha. She is always willing to support and assist needy women in her constituency.

Reshma Chougule’s tireless efforts paint a picture of a leader who goes beyond the call of duty, making a significant impact on the lives of the people in Powai and Chandivali. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of service, empowerment, and community building.

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