Shiv Sainiks Vandalize Contractor’s Office Over Marwa Bridge Delay

Powai, Shiv Sainiks from the Shiv Sena (Shinde group) vandalized a contractor’s office and JCB due to the stalled Marwa Bridge project, which has consumed taxpayers hard earned Rs. 29.44 crores over three years without completion. The bridge work, initiated in 2021, is moving at a snail’s pace, leaving residents to endure long detours and traffic jams.

This road is a swift shortcut between Powai and Marol MIDC, the Marwa Bridge is reducing travel time to just 5 minutes. However, with its closure for an ongoing project, commuters are forced to take a 7 km detour via Sakinaka that takes nearly an hour.

Desperate for progress, Shiv Sainiks led by Assembly Head Ashok Matekar and former corporator Ashwini Matekar marched in protest on June 5. Seeing that the work on the bridge was still a long way off, the Shiv Sainiks got angry and broke up the contractor’s office. Also, these angry Shiv Sainiks vandalized the JCB of the contractor.

According to the proposal, the BMC had started considering the expansion of the bridge in October 2018 and on 11 June 2021, during repairs, part of the bridge wall collapsed and the bridge cracked. After this incident, BMC decided to reconstruct the bridge. It was also decided that the work would be done by the same contractor without tendering. The initial expenditure for the expansion of this bridge was around Rs. 14.22 crores. When the BMC decided to use the same contractor for the reconstruction of the bridge, the amount to be paid was increased to Rs 26.07 crore.

While the work was in progress, it was found that the condition of the underground Tansa pipeline near the Marwa bridge was inconsistent during excavation. Therefore, the length of the bridge was increased by 3.10 meters. Also, along the approach road on the western side of the bridge, the planned site had a large network of water lines from the water department and high-pressure power lines of Tata and Adani. It was decided by the municipality to approve the increase in the cost of Marwa Bridge work by proposing a pile foundation for the foundation of the retaining wall at this place.

With time extensions granted till May 2024 and an increased budget of Rs. 3.37 crore approved recently, frustration among locals continues as the long-awaited completion of the Marwa Bridge remains elusive.

“For the past three years, rapid construction on this bridge has caused major road closures, leaving citizens frustrated. Despite our persistent communication with the BMC and road department, the project, initially set for completion by December 2023, remains unfinished even after a 5-month extension to May 31st. With the monsoon season approaching, the incomplete bridge is worsening the situation for residents. Today, we protest as a warning to the BMC and road department: if this work isn’t finished soon, our next demonstration will take place in the BMC and road department offices,” said Matekar.

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