DP Road 9: From Traffic Solution to Parking Chaos and Garbage Dump

After a wait of nearly one and a half years, half constructed DP Road 9, stretching from Rambaug to Chandivali, has finally reopened for traffic following reconstruction. However, instead of serving its intended purpose, the road has become a parking lot and a dumping ground for garbage. Additionally, locals have voiced concerns about the poor quality of the hastily completed construction.

DP Road 9, a crucial thoroughfare that connects Chandivali to the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), has been a source of frustration for local residents due to its poor condition. Despite numerous complaints from citizens, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) only initiated action in December 2022 by issuing a tender for its reconstruction. The contract was awarded in February 2023. The road was mired in sewerage works for one and a half years before being reopened for traffic. Unfortunately, the hasty cementing process has resulted in a substandard road.

“After the opening of this road, it was hoped that the traffic jam would be relieved and travel would be on a better route. However, all vehicles like tempos, cars, rickshaws, motorcycles are parked on this road from Calip Hotel to the area opposite State Bank of India. Therefore, the vehicles in both directions have to travel only through the potholed road on the lane leading to Rambaug. What was the point of the reconstruction if we can’t even use the road properly?” Chandivalikars are raising questions.

Speaking in this regard, Mandeep Singh Makkar, founder member of Chandivali Citizen Welfare Association, said, “The partially constructed road has been opened for traffic. The contractor has done shoddy work, and the current condition of DP Road 9 is leading to accidents. Therefore, citizens should use this route carefully. Besides, dumping of garbage and illegal parking are ongoing issues on this newly constructed lane.”

He added, “The work order for concreting the 557 meter length of the road was issued in February 2023. The work on this important connector road could have easily been completed by February 2024, but the contractor has concretised only one side of the road in 15 months. Contractor worked at a snail’s pace for a year, then hurriedly completed the road in a month, resulting in poor quality work. The road has become barely drivable and life threatening. It is clear that the BMC and the contractor have completely wasted taxpayers’ money.”

The issue has drawn the attention of MP Varsha Gaikwad. During a meeting with Municipal Deputy Commissioner (Zone-5) Devidas Kshirsagar and Assistant Commissioner (L ward) Dhanaji Herlekar on Thursday, June 20, she voiced her dissatisfaction with the inattentiveness of the BMC towards the repeated grievances raised by the residents of Chandivali and Powai concerning the inadequate quality of the road construction.

Will DP Road 9 ever serve its intended purpose, or will it remain a parking zone and garbage dump? Only time will tell.

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