HHH Awarded the ‘NGO Leadership Award’

Helping Hands for Humanity, a local NGO from Powai has been awarded the NGO Leadership Award for their projects on promoting sustainability at the World CSR Day.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today’s world as resources become scarce and the effects of climate change become more and more visible. Using resources responsibly and efficiently, with an eye to preserving the environment and natural resources for future generations is our moral responsibility. This includes reducing waste, using renewable energy sources, conserving water, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As we move towards a more sustainable future, individuals, businesses, and governments must all do their part to reduce their environmental impact and ensure a healthy and prosperous future for all.

People, planet, profit – must become the mantra for all businesses. The bottom line is companies take into account their social and environmental impact, rather than just their financial returns. This helps to ensure that businesses are operating responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.

After receiving the award Ms. Anita Singh, President of HHH expressed “We are humbled and deeply honored to be the recipient of the prestigious NGO Leadership Award at the World CSR Day event. This award recognizes the mission of Helping Hands for Humanity to create a world that is free from poverty and suffering, and to empower people in their own communities to make lasting, positive change. Our team has worked tirelessly to help communities around, and this award is a recognition of our efforts. We are grateful for this recognition and will continue to work hard to bring about meaningful change in the world.”

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