Abhijeet Suresh Nikam’s Book ‘Financing Agriculture by District Co-Operative Central Bank’ available to readers

Where to invest the money, which will give good returns? How to finance business, industry, education and more? One or more such questions are everyone asking, even from employees to farmers. Abhijeet Suresh Nikam‘s book ‘Financing Agriculture by District Co-Operative Central Bank’, which provides information on thousands of such questions in simple words, is coming on September 21. The book will be available for readers from the same day (September 21) on Amazon, Flipkart, BSPkart.com and https://abhijeetsureshnikam .com/.

The book provides valuable insights into the growth and performance of District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCB) in Maharashtra, their functioning, results and areas for improvement. DCCBs contribute to the development and growth of the rural economy in Maharashtra, empowering farmers and rural communities for a sustainable future. The problems and challenges that cooperative credit institutions face today. Emphasis is placed on the need for continuous efforts to strengthen DCCBs, expand their financial services, expand their reach and adapt to technological advancements.

Furthermore, the book assesses customer satisfaction and financial inclusion achieved by DCCBs. Understanding customer experiences in accessing financial services, areas have been identified to enhance customer service and increase outreach to marginalized communities and underserved areas. Capacity-building activities undertaken by DCCBs have been analysed. The role of trained staff in providing comprehensive financial advice and assistance to clients is highlighted. Finally, relevant laws, regulations and guidelines are examined, providing information on the opportunities and challenges faced by DCCBs and their potential for policy advocacy.

About the author

Abhijeet Suresh Nikam is an analytical thinker with experience in various fields of direct and indirect taxation, accounting and finalisation. He has good knowledge of Income Tax, Indirect Tax Laws, GST, VAT and Customs as well as RERA and other related laws. The author holds a B.Com, M.Com and Post Graduate in Financial Management. He has also pursued education like Chartered Accountancy, and LLB. He has received many awards throughout his academic and professional journey. He holds two world records for his outstanding performance. He has also received an award for his skills as a mutual fund consultant at an inter-college fest. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in “Agriculture Financing through District Co-operative Central Bank for Satara District”.

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