Powai Sharadotsav, Festival with a Purpose turns 10


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Powai Sharadotsav, Festival with a Purpose, has been at the forefront of all good things the Festival of Durga Puja signifies and many Initiatives much beyond the festival. Brought to Powai by Spandan Foundation, this has been an event people look forward to with great anticipation every year. It is the first theme-based puja in Mumbai which is focussed on Social, Cultural and Philanthropic aspects to create a social impact on the environment and people of Mumbai at large. Since its inception, Spandan Foundation’s “Festival with a Purpose” has seen us promote causes such as Women Empowerment, Enabling the differently abled, Reviving India’s Art & Craft Heritage, Care for our Senior Citizen, Nature conservation and many such. The pandemic years saw Spandan members getting together online for various programmes and events.

Apart from the Sharadotsav celebrations, Spandan Foundation has initiated various activities over the years in the form of Book Fair, Theatre Festival, Children and Charitable activities. Be it connecting with NGOs for various causes, lending a helping hand for victims of natural disasters, planting trees to save the environment, and many more such activities, Spandan has always been at the forefront of lending a helping hand, wherever the need arose.

As Spandan Foundation enters its 10th year in 2022, members of the Spandan family are all set to make it a special celebration – one that encompasses diversity and inclusivity – to engage, include, and celebrate humanity, irrespective of colour, creed, gender, form, and all the other walls that humans have formed and constricted life into. With #UnboxHumanity as its tagline, Spandan’s Powai Sharadotsav, Festival with a Purpose,  looks to create a bold, impactful, and inclusive reach by bringing to the forefront and unboxing societal preconceptions.

Special highlights that are being planned include inviting women Dhakis (traditional drummers of Bengal), inviting some of our Sanitary workers and their families on our special days to celebrate with us, felicitating specially abled people, supporting a centre for stray dogs, and many more programmes that celebrate diversity. This year, our pandal construction has been entrusted to a women entrepreneur.

With Kolkata Durga Puja being recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage Event by UNESCO last year, there could be no better time than this to celebrate turning 10.

As we celebrate a decade of Spandan, we celebrate a more inclusive society, which is the basis of divergent thoughts and ideas amalgamating towards actions that will enable the creation of a united, vibrant ecosystem for every life form to grow and flourish. A celebration of the indomitable spirit of humans – encompassing, loving, and spreading joy into the world. Let us all come together and #UnboxHUmanity.


With our 10th Year, Powai Sharadotsav, Festival with a Purpose, is all set to augur a new era of Hope, Peace & Property. And befitting the unlocking of society from two years of confinement, we celebrate this year with our #UnBoxHumanity tagline. Idea is to encourage and inculcate a deep sense of Unity amongst Diversity. Our entire Plan and design therefore revolves around Inclusivity of all forms of life and all classes of the society.

Our Durga Idol, designed in-house as always, projects the image of youthful Shakti with rainbow colours of diversity. She composed & benign, yet energetic & focussed. She represents all forms of life with the colourful diversity of nature. Our Mandir design also highlights various art forms in harmonious coexistence.

Our vibrant Festivity would be back on the Puja ground, with 3 nights of Dhunuchi Nach (including a grand finale of 10 Dancers dancing in unison), 3 days of Bhog Prasad (free Community Lunch), Mukto Mancho (the Open Stage afternoon special, with Competitions & Performances), all-inclusive Sindoor Khela (the joyous celebration of Bengal women) and Spandan’s vibrant Cultural Programs.

With two dramas, a Musical and a Dance show, the Spandan Talent house is ready to explode back into action on stage after 3 years. And not to forget our full complement of Guest Artists. This year, keeping in mind the hardships, the entertainment industry has been thru in last two years, we have specially chosen Young Artists, like Another Side Project (a young band from Kolkata) and Sayan (a young artist from Pune) for Saptami and & Nilanjana Roy, Zee Saregama winners, for Nabami. To light up the arena on Ashtami we will have one and only, old is gold, Mr Jolly Mukherjee, of “Chandini” fame.

No Powai Sharadotsav would be complete without the lip smacking Food Stalls, so shall be this year. We have lined up Ramananda to ramp up the Bong fever, Flavour Matrix with eclectic Rolls & Biryani, Tufan Bhel with piping hot Cha, Jhal Muri and Phuchka, Coke to choke you with energy drinks and many more gastronomic delights.

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