Shabbas Powai Police: Powai’s High Profile Burglary Case Cracked

Pramod Chavan

With no more evidence other than some CCTV footage, Powai police have solved Powai’s most high profile burglary in a span of 20 days. A spider thief who stole Rs 27 lakh worth of valuables and jewelry from the Lake Front Solitaire building in Powai has finally been arrested. He is currently under police custody until August 19.

Powai High Profile Burglary Case Cracked

Accused – Ajay Wishwakarma

The citywide lockdown prompted a lot of Mumbaikars to head back to their hometowns; this resulted in a lot of residences in the city to remain vacant, causing a surge in robberies across the city.

Spider Thief

The burglary took place on Monday, July 20 at the Lake Front Solitaire building in Powai. The thief had stolen gold and diamond jewelry and cash worth Rs 27 lakh from 502 flats on the 5th floor of the building.

What is worth noting about this harrowing robbery is that the thief robbed the home while the occupants were still inside. The thief had also entered flats on both the second and fourth floor of the same building, but he could not rob anything from there.

“It was found that the thief entered the house without opening any main door. The thief had made his move after 2.30am and before 7am. What is special is that at this time all the people in the house were sleeping in the bedroom”, said Powai police. The crime branch was also conducting a parallel investigation into the case.

“The thief had entered the house in the kitchen through the window with the help of a pipe by cutting the pigeon net. According to a Powai police official, the thief stole gold and diamond jewelry from a cupboard in a room where no one was present.

“Under the guidance of Senior Police Inspector (Addl. Charge) Vijay Dalvi, Police Inspector (Crime) Dilip Dhamunse, both our detection Officers, Police Sub-Inspector Praveen Mahamuni, Police Sub-Inspector Vinod Lad and Detection Squad were working to get information about the accused,” a Powai police official said.

The Khabri network came to work

During the investigation, police found a CCTV footage showing the accused climbing a security wall of a building and a pipe. However this CCTV footage was not so clear. Police had launched a search operation to find the person with the footage. At the same time, technical information was also being obtained.

“One of our informants said that the person who matched with footage was in the Nalasopara area. We kept an eye on him and were taken in custody. He confessed the crime in interrogating him,” said Powai police.

The accused, identified as Ajay Vishwakarma, was handcuffed by Powai police from Nalasopara. “He is currently under investigation and recovery of stolen property is underway.” Powai police added.

“Once or twice before the crime, accused Vishwakarma had come to Powai Lake area to consume drugs. Even on the night of the theft, he was sitting there. After taking drugs he entered the Lake Front Solitaire building from the rear, stole and exited from the same route,” officer from Powai police said.

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