Peacock will be Seen in the Powai Nature Park; HHH, Burns and Mcdonnell Environment Project

On 27th June Helping Hands for Humanity (HHH) – a non-profit organisation in collaboration with Burns and McDonnell, a renowned engineering and design firm installed a magnificent peacock sculpture at Powai Nisarg Udyan, a public green space.

The sculpture serves as a symbol of environmental consciousness, highlighting the importance of preserving native wildlife and ecosystems.

The project is part of the ongoing beautification of Powai Nisarg Udyan, supported by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). The primary objectives of the installation project is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of Powai Nisarg Park by adding a captivating sculpture, promote environmental awareness and conservation efforts through the portrayal of a native bird species, and foster community engagement and interaction with public art.

The peacock sculpture has sparked increased community engagement, encouraging visitors to spend more time in the park. It has become a conversation starter and a source of pride for the local residents, promoting a sense of community ownership and involvement.

The BMI team of Sean, Ric, Andrew, David, Rachelle, Laura, Ketankumar, Dattatray and Abhishek Kumar attended the ceremony. The HHH Office Bearers Anita Singh, Anamika Sharma and Mr. Suresh Agarwal traditionally welcomed all BMI guests. HHH thanked BMI for the collaboration and sought help in the future to buy Gym equipment for the park.

The successful collaboration between HHH, Burns and McDonnell has showcased the power of public-private partnerships in enhancing public spaces. The installation has received positive attention, reflecting the commitment of both organizations to community development and environmental stewardship. The installation stands as a testament to the positive impact that public art and community partnerships can have on public spaces.

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