Thieves broke into a mobile shop in Powai, stole 80 expensive mobile phones

Unidentified thieves have broken into a mobile shop under the jurisdiction of the Powai Police and made away with expensive 80 mobile phones. The value of these stolen mobiles is more than 15 lakhs. The Powai Police have registered a case of theft and are further investigating the matter.

According to the information given by the Powai Police, the complainant, Praveen Jain, owns a mobile shop, ‘The Mobile World,’ in the Vijaynagar area under the jurisdiction of the Powai Police. On the night of Wednesday, March 8th, he closed his shop as usual and went home.

“Jain arrived to open the shop the next morning around 9:15 and found that part of the shutter latch was broken. Upon entering the shop, it was discovered that the shop was in a dilapidated condition and some valuable cell phones were missing,” Powai police said.

As soon as he realised the robbery, he informed the Powai police and filed a complaint.

“The thieves entered the shop by breaking the latch bars on both sides of the shutters. According to the shop owner’s statement, thieves had stolen around 80 expensive phones, including iPhones, from the shop. What is remarkable is that the thieves did not touch the shop’s cash counter at all. There was no CCTV in the shop,” told the investigating officer.

“Upon examination of the CCTV footage of the area, three persons in a rickshaw were seen moving suspiciously in the vicinity of the shop,” Police Inspector (Crime) Ganesh Patil told Avartan Powai.

Registering a case under Sections 380, 454, and 457 of the Indian Penal Code, the Powai police are searching the suspicious auto rickshaw and the accused based on the evidence found at the spot and CCTV footage.

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