Powai, 3 Arrested with 90 grams of MD worth Rs 4.5 Lakh

The Powai Police have handcuffed three people, including a woman, who had come to sell and buy MD drugs. The Anti-Terrorism Cell of the Powai Police carried out the operation on Tuesday, 5th September. Police have seized 90 grams of MD drugs, worth Rs 4.5 lakh, from the arrested accused.

The arrested accused have been identified as Shadab Salim Mulla alias Mastan (25), a resident of Marol, Mohsin Yasin Khan (42), and Fahmida Momin Khan (38), both residents of Morarji Nagar, Powai.

Orders have been given by superiors to make the city drug-free. Accordingly, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone X) Datta Nalavde and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bharatkumar Suryavanshi, various teams of Powai Police, led by Senior Police Inspector (Sr PI) Supriya Patil and Police Inspector Vijay Dalvi, have been working on it.

The Anti-Terrorism Cell (ATC) received information through an undercover informant on Tuesday that a few people with MD drugs were coming to purchase and sell in Gautam Nagar, Morarji Nagar area of Powai. “The team had laid a trap in the area in plainclothes,” said Senior Police Inspector Supriya Patil.

“During surveillance in the area, two males and one female were observed engaging in suspicious activities. They were detained and searched, and 90 grams of MD drugs and 45,000 cash were recovered from their possession,” said Assistant Police Inspector Suryakant Partkar.

Powai police have registered a case under sections 8(c), 22(c), and 29 of the N.D.P.S. Act 1985. The accused have been arrested and will be produced in court on Thursday, September 7.

A team of Sr PI Supriya Patil, PI Vijay Dalvi, API Suryakant Partkar, PH Jagadhane, PN Landge, PC Kasare, PC Gaikwad, and WPC Madwan uncovered the crime.

“The accused Shadab Salim Mulla, alias Mastan, has more than 14 cases registered in various police stations. We are investigating how many more crimes are registered against him. Additionally, we are investigating who supplies these drugs to the accused and to whom they supply,” said Sr. PI Supriya Patil.

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